The Angelic Spirit - Psychic Medium Colleen Costello
About Colleen: ~
My name is Colleen, I am an Irish Catholic who was born with a gift, the gift of intuition and psychic ability.  Obviously growing up I never understood what it was all about, the feelings, the "knowing", the dreams that would "all of a sudden" come true.  It wasn't until I was a teenager that I began to read about psychics and metaphysics. I was fascinated!  I taught myself tarot and palm reading it came so easily because when I read I just knew things.  In college I would read for friends and everything came true! They would all come back to me astounded at how "accurate" their "fun" readings were.  Of course being Irish Catholic I kept it all secret from my family as I was afraid of how close family and friends would react and judge me as I was extremely religious, went to church and believed strongly in my faith. 
I moved to the USA when I was 23 years old after I got married and it wasn't until I had a near fatal accident in 2001 that something happened to me that changed my life forever.  I had a near death experience and I met my Guardian Angel, Archangel Michael.  Following this my life changed, forever.  I began receiving messages from the Angels everywhere I went.  At first I didn't know what they were or what they meant, but it was ALL the time! especially if I was stressed or upset about something.  I began doing research on the Angels and discovered what these messages meant.  I learned how to channel my angels and learned through communicating with them that they wanted ME to spread their messages of love to everyone!  So I started a FB page called "The Angelic Spirit" which I dedicated to angel messages, spiritual messages and anything hopeful I could post that would lift people's spirits.  But that wasn't enough, they wanted me to "work" with people too! But my Irish Catholic "guilt" still caused me to hesitate so I began doing Psychic Fair Fundraisers initially so I could read, donate and help people.  As a result of these public fundraisers I began to meet so many people from many walks of life, rich, poor, young, old and I have discovered that everyone has problems and EVERYONE needs the same thing, spiritual guidance in their lives.  I finally realized that I could help these people and that there was a reason I survived this accident and why the angels had been guiding me.  This was my calling.  So I finally decided to put all the guilt behind me and dedicate myself to helping people find that spiritual satisfaction in their lives, to help them see that they are never alone, that the Angels are always with them, ready and waiting to step in at any moment to provide courage, strength, guidance and loving support. 
This year (2013) I continued my studies and became a certified medium through Doreen Virtue. As I already had received many messages from loved ones that had passed I wanted to learn how to convey these messages to YOU. There is nothing more beautiful than receiving a message from a loved one that has passed. It is comforting, healing and rewarding, whether it is a close family member who has passed or a beloved pet. I am here to connect you with all beloved members of your family who have passed.
Through all my readings, I channel my spirit guide Archangel Michael and I help YOU find the solution to your problems, no matter how trivial or large they be.  I want to help you find happiness, peace and solitude in your life.  We all deserve to be happy and we all should be.  With the guidance of the Angels I can and will help you find that happiness and help you have a positive outlook on your life! The Angels are with us every step of the way.  My readings are in depth and positive always and you will always leave feeling uplifted and spiritually more positive about your life. 
Thank you.
Love, Peace and Angel Blessings ~ Colleen.
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