The Angelic Spirit - Psychic Medium Colleen Costello
Psychic Readings:
Using her lifetime experience in the tarot Colleen uses a combination of traditional tarot and Angel Oracle Cards, along with guidance from the Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters, overseen by her spirit guide Archangel Michael, she guides you in solving any present difficulties in your life, whether it be spiritual, relationship, financial, work, or dealing with the loss of a loved one in your life. She looks in depth at any blocks in your life and helps your find ways to overcome them so that you can live a full, abundant and spiritually happy life.
Medium Readings:
Colleen is a natural born Medium having received messages from the other side since childhood.  At first this was very frightening for her but as she began to study she realized that these were our departed loved ones, Spirit, making a connection from the other side.  She is now a certified Medium through Doreen Virtue and wants to help YOU connect with your loved ones.  There is nothing more comforting than receiving messages from dearly departed loved ones.  It is validation and confirmation that they are still very much with us in spirit and watching over us.  Not only does she connect with our dearly departed loved ones, but also our dearly departed pets.  Being a huge animal lover she truly believes that our beloved pets stay with us in spirit and connect with us from the other side.  Calling herself "just the messenger" as she connects with Spirit as that is what she does "delivers messages from the other side" she has delivered many amazing and accurate messages to family and friends from their loved ones passed over. It is comforting to know that our dearly departed loved ones not only act the same, but have the same personality traits on the other side, and are watching over us and waiting just to make that beautiful connection with us.
Angel Card Readings:
Colleen's main goal in life is to spread the message of the Angels. She does this through her facebook site "The Angelic Spirit" ( and through her Angel Card Readings. She works only with white light from our Divine Creator of All, her Angel Guide, Archangel Michael, the Angels and Ascended Masters to deliver messages of hope, strength, faith and inner peace. This type of reading is perfect for those of you who need spiritual enlightenment, guidance and peace in your life.
Palm Readings:
Colleen has had an interest in palms and has been reading them from a very young age. She has found that they are the window to the soul. So much of a person's personality, traits, and life, past, present and future, are shown on a person's palm. She finds that palms are very helpful in combination with her psychic intuition in predicting events in a person's life as well as giving her insight into their personality.
Home Parties/Events:
Colleen is available to read at your next home party or family/business/event. Booking requires a minimum of 6 guests with a maximum of approx 10 guests at a home party (to allow sufficient time for each guest to have their reading). Some examples of events that would be great to have her read at would be bridal shower, birthday party, event at a beauty salon etc, or if you would just like to get a group of friends together for a fun night "in"! Readings range from $30 per guest (gas mileage charges may apply of $0.50/mile if you live outside the local area, depending on your location) and the host of the party always receives a *FREE* reading! Please contact me for full rates and details. 
The following readings may be done in person, over the phone, (free calls within the USA or Skype for International calls) or via e-mail (except where noted), with the exception of 15 min readings, these are online/phone only (unless you book a party).  When you book a phone reading within the USA, I will contact you to make the appointment and then call you at that time for your reading. Cost of the call is FREE to you.  For International phone readings (outside USA) Skype may be used (voice only) using Wifi connection so no charges occur.  For private readings I am available to come and read at your own home, however there will be a small mileage charge of $0.50/mile if you live outside the local area (this mileage charge also applies to home parties outside local area). 
Thank you! ~ Angel Blessings ~ Colleen.
Psychic Reading/Tarot Reading
15 mins (Phone only)
Price: $30.00
Psychic Reading/Tarot Reading
30 mins
Price: $65.00
Psychic Reading/Tarot Reading/Medium Reading
60 mins
Price: $100.00
Angel Card Reading
30 mins
Price: $65.00
Palm Reading
30 mins
Price: $65.00
Medium Reading (Connect with loved ones passed)
30 Mins
Price: $65.00
Combo Psychic/Tarot/Angel and Palm Reading
60+ mins
Price: $120.00
Wheel of Life Reading
You will get a reading for the next 12 months, one card for each of the next 12 months and the 13th Card will be the Summary of your upcoming year
Price: $120.00
*Disclaimer: All persons contacting Colleen of "The Angelic Spirit"© must be 18 years or older. Please note that all provided services are for entertainment purposes only. Colleen is not liable for how the information is interpreted, utilized, or applied by the individual once services are rendered. It is understood that the receiver will handle the information given to them by Colleen responsibly and to acknowledge that the services are not guaranteed in any way.
*Gift Certificates Available*
 No Credit Cards for readings done in person. (unless pre-paid in advance using Paypal). 
 Thank you.
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